Organtization Chart

The Financial Services Commission is a central government body responsible for financial policy and financial supervision.
The FSC has statutory mandates to draft and amend financial laws and regulations; supervise, inspect and sanction financial institutions; issue regulatory licenses and approval to financial institutions; oversee capital markets; and supervise foreign exchange transactions conducted by financial institutions to ensure their financial soundness.

Financial Services Commission
Securities and Futures Commission
Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU)
Spokesperson’s Office
General Administration Division
Planning & Coordination Bureau

Creative Planning & Finance Office Regulatory Reform & Legal Affairs Office Audit & Inspection Office

Financial Policy Bureau

Financial Policy Division
Financial Market Analysis Division
Industrial Finance Division
International Finance Division
Financial Restructuring Division

International Cooperation Office
 Banking & Insurance Bureau

Bank Division
Insurance Division
Electronic Finance Division

Consumer Finance & Protection Bureau

Non-Bank Division
Microfinance Division
Financial Consumer Division

Capital Markets Bureau

Capital Markets Division
Asset Management Division
Market Investigation Division

Financial Group Regulation Bureau

Financial Group Regulatory Reform Team
Financial Group Governance Team

organtization chart