FSC Commissioners

The FSC consists of nine commissioners including the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. The Chairman is appointed b the President with the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The Vice Chairman is appointed by the President with the recommendation of the Chairman of the FSC and concurrently holds chairmanship of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) within the FSC.

Two standing commissioners are appointed with the recommendation of the Chairman of the FSC. Of the five non-standing commissioners, four are ex-officio positions held by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF), the Governor of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Korea, and the President of the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation. The remaining non-standing commissioner is appointed with the recommendation of the Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The FSC deliberates and decides on policy matters relating to the inspection and supervision of financial institutions and the securities and futures markets. Matters relating to the securities and futures markets are largely delegated to the SFC. The FSC also has the authority to issue and revoke of financial institutions. Legislation relating to the financial sectors is drafted and submitted to the National Assembly by the FSC.

  • Choi, JongKu


    Mr. Choi JongKu took office as Chairman of the Financial Services Commission(FSC) in July, 2017. Commencing his public service career in 1982, Mr. Choi accumulated decades of extensive experiences by holding various positions including Deputy Minister for International Affairs at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance(MOSF) and First Senior Deputy Governor of the Financial Supervisory Service(FSS). Also, Mr. Choi served as President & CEO of the Seoul Guarantee Insurance(SGI) from January 2016 to February 2017. Prior to his appointment as FSC Chairman, he was Chairman & President of the Export-Import Bank of Korea(KEXIM) from March 2017 to July 2017.


    During and aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, as Director General for International Finance Bureau, Mr. Choi contributed to stabilizing financial and FX markets in Korea. While he was Deputy Minister for International Affairs at the MOSF from 2011 through 2012 when the global economy was facing the eurozone fiscal crisis, he committed himself to keeping the turbulence at bay to maintain the Korean market stable. He also played a role in effectively coordinating international cooperation amid the crisis, working closely with the partner countries notably the Group of Twenty(G20) and the ASEAN Plus Three(ASEAN+3), a cooperative platform designed for ensuring financial stability and economic integration in the region.


    Born in 1957, Mr. Choi obtained a bachelor's degree in International Trade from Korea University in 1980, and a master's degree in Public Administration and Policy from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1992.

  • Sohn Byungdoo

    Vice Chairman

    Sohn Byungdoo was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Commission(FSC) on May 24, 2019. Mr. Sohn concurrently holds chairmanship of the Securities and Futures Commission(SFC), a deliberative body responsible for ensuring transparency and fairness in capital markets. Prior to his appointment as Vice Chairman, he served as Secretary General of the FSC


    Since he joined the government in 1990, Mr. Sohn served key government posts in charge of economic and financial policy. In the Ministry of Economy and Finance(MOEF), he assumed important posts for international financial affairs: Director of International Financial Institutional Division; Exchange Policy Division and International Financial Division; and Director General of G20 Policy Bureau. Since he joined the FSC in 2013 as Director General of Public Funds Oversight Committee, he extended his expertise into domeestic financial policy as well, assuming key positions including Director General of Banking and Insurance Bureau and Financial Policy Bureau; and Standing Commissioner.


    Mr. Sohn recieved a bachelor's degree in Economics in 1987 and a master's in Public Administration in 1993 from Seoul National University. He went on to earn his master's degree in economics in 1997 and Ph.D degree in 2000 from Brown University.

  • Lee Sungho

    Deputy Chairman for International Cooperation




    MBA, University of Southern California

    LL.M., George Washington University

    Bachelor's degree in Law, Seoul National University




    2017Deputy Chairman for International Cooperation, Financial Services Commission (FSC)

    2015Lawyer, Soho Law Firm

    2011Lawyer, Harmony Law Firm

    1996Arbitrator, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board

    1987Lawyer, BKL IP Group

  • Choi Hoon

    Standing Commissioner




    2018Ph.D. in Economics, University of International Business and Economics(China)

    2004MBA, Birmingham University

    1991Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Sungkyunkwan University




    2019Standing Commissioner, Financial Services Commission (FSC)

    2019Director General, Financial Policy Bureau, FSC

    2016Director General, Banking & Insurance Bureau, FSC

    2010Director, Financial Market Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance

  • Shim Young

    Non-Standing Commissioner



    1999LL.D., Law School, Queen Marry and Westfield College of London

    1992LL.M., Law School, Indiana University

    1989LL.M., Yonsei University

    1987LL.B., Yonsei University




    CurrentProfessor in law, Yonsei University

    CurrentCommissioner, Committee on Statutory Interpretation, FSC

    CurrentChairman, Financial Industry Development Committee, FSC

    2013Chairman, Accounting Advisory Council, Ministry of Justice

    2007Professor in law, Chung Ang University

    2004Professor in law, Yeungnam University