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The Financial Services Commission is a central government body responsible for financial policy and financial supervision.
The FSC has statutory mandates to draft and amend financial laws and regulations; supervise, inspect and sanction financial institutions; issue regulatory licenses and approval to financial institutions; oversee capital markets; and supervise foreign exchange transactions conducted by financial institutions to ensure their financial soundness.  


The Financial Services Commission was established in 2008 after a series of changes in Korea’s financial supervisory system. In the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, there was a growing need for an integrated supervisory authority to oversee the financial industry.
The Financial Supervisory Commission, the predecessor to the current Financial Services Commission, was founded in April 1998 as a single supervisory authority integrating financial supervisory functions of the former Ministry of Finance and Economy - currently Ministry of Strategy and Finance, MOSF - and the Bank of Korea. In January 1999, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) was founded under the guidance and supervision of the FSC to carry out examination of financial institutions along with enforcement and other oversight activities as directed or charged by the FSC. In February 2008, the Financial Supervisory Commission was integrated with the Financial Policy Bureau of the then Ministry of Finance and Economy to become the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Financial Services Commission

financial policy-making function
Financial Policy Bureau of Ministry of
Finance and Economy

financial supervisory function
Financial Supervisory Commission


The FSC contributes to the development and growth of the economy by advancing the financial industry, preserving financial market stability, enforcing fair market practices, and protecting financial consumers.

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The FSC is responsible for formulating financial policies, supervising financial institutions and financial markets, protecting consumers, and advancing Korea’s financial industry.

Financial Policies

  • blitDevelop financial policies that support economic growth
  • blitPromote financial market stability with macro & micro policy tools
  • blitImprove efficiency and resilience of financial markets

Financial Institutions &
Financial Markets

  • blitSupervise financial institutions and oversee financial markets
  • blitLicense financial service providers
  • blitInvestigate unlawful market conduct

Consumers in Financial

  • blitProtect the rights of consumers in financial transactions
  • blitMediate and resolve consumer complaints
  • blitProvide consumer and investor financial education programs

Financial Industry

  • blitEnhance competitiveness of the financial industry
  • blitPromote Korea as a global financial center
  • blitSupport domestic financial institutions in globalizing business